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The bronze and brass alloys offered by MAXMATIC are useful in many applications in the industry, watchmaking or even more specifically in costume jewelery.

they will meet your expectations in terms of technical quality both in the casting process, only in the resistance to wear and corrosion.

Bronze is a non-ferrous metal alloy. Formerly, the bronze name was given to all copper alloys. Thus, some “bronzes” dating from the seventeenth century are actually breasts. Today, the use of the term bronze is restricted to copper and tin alloys. Other elements (mainly aluminium, lead, beryllium, manganese or tungsten) can be added to the mixture.

The main characteristics of bronze are :

  • Good wear resistance
  • An acceptable resistance to corrosion but which does not allow its use in the shipbuilding industry
  • Good electrical conductivity

Brass is an alloy of gold or silver color, non-ferrous, mainly composed of copper and zinc. According to the use for which it is intended, the brass may also contain lead, tin, nickel, chromium or magnesium. It is generally called tombac, Florentine (or Venetian) bronze, similor, archal or pinchbeck.

Brass is a malleable alloy known since prehistoric times. Probably because at the time already, it was found that it could be worked hot and cold and it was easy to machine, to mold, or to stamp.